Fear: Friend or Foe

   Love, the word, in my opinion, is one the most powerful words spoken in all languages. When I think of the word love and I began to examine it, I had the most profound thought. For years I believed that the opposite of Love was hate and I’m sure there are others who like me believe the same. I mean it seemed obvious to me now how we came to this conclusion but I honestly believe we are wrong for thinking this. With all that I have learned and experienced in my life, I now believe that FEAR is the opposite of Love. Why you say? Well, fear has caused people to do really hateful or impulsive things that resulted in catastrophic endings. Look at the news today and the world we live in. So many people are killed or injured out of fear. Now there are other contributing factors like ignorance which can really cause a situation to become explosive and all unnecessarily. 

   Fear keeps us bound. Keeps us low and anchored down.

      A certain amount of fear is good sometimes though. It’s like an audit. It helps us to double check things that occur in our lives. Fear makes us cautious and careful in some instances. But at some point, that fear becomes bigger than life due to the stories you tell yourself in our minds. The once-cautious looking crossing guard has now turned into a full-fledged prison with a Warden! You are now a prisoner within your own head. Trapped by the stories you feed yourself daily. Now you are frozen with fear in areas that are vital to our thriving positively in the world. 

You have to realize that you are bigger than all of your fears. We have been given free will. Free will gives us freedom! Freedom to choose to be a prisoner or not. Face your fears or let it consume you. You can choose to use fear as a stepping stone. A stepping stone to the next level. Your greatest breakthrough is hidden behind your biggest fears.  Finding the courage and strength to push through can be difficult and scary but take a deep breath as you tell yourself You Got This!

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