Building Relationships Through Words

Words can get you friends, business deals, and help you build long-lasting relationships. They can also alienate friends and end relationships. You can win people over at any time by picking the right words when interacting with them. At work, consistent use of the right words can get you that promotion you have always wanted. If you are a manager or corporate president, the right words can help you get the productivity you are expecting from your employees. In the business world, the right words can get you more clients and help you keep them, or can get you that long-awaited deal. Words are indeed that powerful!

Use Words To Build And Grow Personal Relationships

If you have been struggling to form and maintain relationships with other people, you must evaluate and change your approach. Try to go through your process. How do you interact with other people? What words do you use? Do you get positive feedback?

The key to developing relationships that work lies in the words you use. If you invest in positive and connecting words, you are more likely to form relationships that last than when you use negative and disengaging words.

Try to use words to communicate your feelings with the people that you care about. Choose words that describe your emotions at the same time, inviting the people you speak with to respond. Whatever words you choose to use, they should reflect who you are and offer room for the conversation to grow. You should also take time to listen to the response that you receive and make it a point to improve your communication skills.

Use Words To Advance Your Business

Choosing the right words when negotiating business deals is the secret to signing major contracts. Having a ton of skills and excellent marketing tactics will get you nowhere if you fail to give the same attention to what comes out of your mouth.

Getting paying clients and growing your business depends on knowing the right words to use when negotiating deals. It also depends on knowing when to keep your mouth shut when tensions arise. Instead of fueling the fire when the discussion starts moving the wrong direction, just keep your mouth closed for a few minutes and use calming words to ease the tensions. A simple way of doing this is to simply say, “I propose we move the negotiations to the next day or a few hours, what do you think?”

Remember the wise maxim, “a soft answer turns away, wrath?” Take advantage of it and apply it to your day to day relations. You will be surprised to find out that one soft answer is all it took to save your relationship or stop your business deal from going south.

If you had the opportunity to select your business partners or the people you work with and keep them, what would you look for?

Let’s say there are only two people in your area that are interested in doing business with you. These two people are both well-accomplished and are leading professionals in their field. They have numerous successful businesses, and as Steve Jobs would say, they have already made a dent in the universe. 

Although your potential business partners share perfect similarities, they approach business processes differently. They treat their employees and business partners differently. One believes in centralized leadership, and nothing gets done without his approval, but he always gets the results. The other believes in allowing people to make use of their methods and gets the expected results.

Who would you choose to be in business with? Who would you rather learn from?

The chances of succeeding under both partners are just about equal. However, the chances of having a lasting and ongoing partnership are quite different.

If you are an aspiring business person, remember that using the right words to gain more productivity from your workers wouldn’t hurt. It is an excellent way of making it easy for employees to come to you with their ideas or sensitive information that could be damaging or helpful to your business.


The smart way of understanding any situation is by putting yourself in the shoes of the person you are interacting with. If you have a weakness of cutting people off, telling them off, or blaming them for anything that goes wrong, try thinking of how you would like to be addressed were roles switched.

Practice using words to form friendships or bring people together as opposed to using words to draw a wedge between people.

Practice what you are going to say when you are engaged in something that determines whether or not you will be moving forward with what you are doing.

Avoid opening your mouth when you are not 100 percent certain of what you are saying. Remember, “He who has knowledge spares his words…”

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