NO is perfectly fine standing alone

    Saying No sometimes can be very difficult when dealing with the people in our lives. But you have to be fearless and courageous when it comes to standing your ground for whatever reason. If its something you are uncomfortable with, you have an obligation to yourself to speak your truth. Simply saying no I’m not going to be able to do that is sufficient You do not owe anyone an explanation.

“No is a complete sentence”-

Shonda Rhimes

     We sit and have long conversations with ourselves in our heads that goes like ” I say and they will think I’m mean”, ” If I say no, what will they think of me?” or maybe ” Oh God they are going to think I’m a horrible person if I say no”. Honestly, So the hell what! Who cares what people are saying about you! News Flash! People are going to talk whether you are doing go or bad so do you Boo!

-Claudia Black

   Searching our brains and coming up with a thousand reasons in our heads to defend our “niceness”. “Oh I’m not mean”, “I’m a good person” or Maybe even starting to consider “How bad could/would it be” doing that thing you know you really do not want to do. All of these things are stifling to our growth. Speaking your truth is being true to yourself. Not accepting things that are not comfortable or speaking up about how you feel takes bravery that we all are equipped with. And remember, “No Is Just Fine Standing Alone”-De’Yona Moore

No is two letters but has started wars. Do Not Underestimate it Power.